Monday, August 20

Some Major Things College Taught Me ( I Graduated! )

So, I graduated last month and I was randomly scrolling through some of the older pictures of mine and then It hit me that I have really really changed in so many perspectives. I have really grown from a baby (plus I have gained weight too *sobs*). I read my old diary entries and write-ups(personal), it was really funny to read.

I am happy about the person I have become and I am becoming. I have a more open-minded and positive

Here I am sharing about the ways in which I believe I have grown. Before that a little throwback to the baby me.
college taught me
2nd Semester me.

1. Do Your Stuff, Let the people wonder/judge/hate whatever

Before College, I was very careful about my image but it was always messed up. I used to talk and laugh loudly with my friends and I remember one of my teachers actually thought that we were the bad girls. Someone in my society saw me with a phone they felt I am a bad girl  I hated all that, I was always a good kid but still, I was misinterpreted because I never hid my phone or I laughed and had fun with my friends.

When you are in college, you get to meet and connect with a lot of people. I noticed one thing there, people's opinion is a really variable thing and they have a say for everyone. No matter how pretty, confident, intelligent etc you are there is always going to be that one person who will find faults in you.

And the successful and the most confident people usually follow their own path without letting the hate get into them. So I made a rule Positive Vibes Only. I just maintained a good and safe distance from the negative energies. Now no one's opinion matters for me except the people who really matter for me.

If you are going to a be a college student soon, remember not everyone is going to be your friend. So, identify & stay away from the toxicity and do whatever you want to, ignore the hate and judgment.

college taught me

2. Life is not going to be as easy as it seemed to be.
  While we are still in school, life may seem tough at times but it's not. Trust me it's not. What worries you in school will be laughed at by you once you are in college.
College life shows you the reality, the hustle, the struggle of life and you have to deal with it all alone. Your family or friends may support you or they may not but the one fighting will be you.

3. Money is Important. Earn it and save it.

In college, we had a lot more hangout stuff plus we need to dress up the best and this requires money. I used to be a simple, no makeup person in school. So it kind of increased my expenses.
I found the perfect solution by earning money online by doing Internships. The money was good enough and the work was not too much. Some of my college mates used to do tutoring which is also a good option to earn pocket money.
I used Internshala , but there are more applications and websites who offer such internships.
Comment down below and I will write a detailed post on earning money online by internships.

4. It's okay to not find your TRUE LOVE and stay single.
    Most of the people are going out with someone and if you have a significant other, it's pretty good.
But if you are single like me and my best friends were in college we had the most fun because we had time.
Don't stress about the fact that everyone else has someone and you don't. Just wait for your perfect person, still better than carelessly dating a bunch of clowns. But if you want to date don't hesitate. It's completely your choice. Being single gives you more time and space. It gave me the idea of designing this blog. Remember, Monica got Chandler at 30 and you are still in college so take a chill pill.
Me with my Girls :D 

5. WORK, WORK, WORK. there is no alternative to hard work.
 Seriously, There is no alternative to hard work. And people might tell you grades don't matter much, skill does. That's a lie babe. Grades do, especially if you are dependent on college placements. I was one of the top rankers at the beginning of the college but it lessened towards the end. Though I got a distinction I could have done better.
Okay, by grades I do not mean at all that you should immerse yourself in studies, No, just focus in the class, revise daily and rest during exams.
Also, guys college is the perfect time to learn new skills and to explore new interests. There are pretty good websites which provide free or paid courses like udemy, coursera, unacademy etc.

6. LOOKS DO MATTER. Work out and groom yourself.
   While Everyone is beautiful and I by no means is saying that change yourself or think you are ugly. NO.
By looks, I mean groom yourself and make yourself presentable, try experimenting with different kind of clothes and hairs. You will love the boost in your confidence.
I was like really inferior in my school life but I became more confident and college. I still need to be more.
Life-saving tip - FAKE IT, UNTIL YOU MAKE IT.

7. Makeup for the first time ever.
  I was such a no make up person. I didn't have basic skincare skills too. My only grooming was facewash and moisturizer(my sweet vaseline body lotion). And now I still suck at makeup but yes I use lipstick, kajal, and mascara on a daily basis. Thanks to my best friends :D

Anyways, my advice to you will be it's your choice. Even if you don't like makeup take care of your hairs and skin and body too.

9. Time is Everything. Know your priorities.
    While it's good to hang out with your friends and have fun, it's equally important to have time for your studies and everything else. Manage your time, have a routine. You will face problems in the beginning but eventually, you will get used to it.
You will see unbelievable changes in your life by just having a simple routine.

10. Be nice but DON'T TAKE BULLSHIT.
 This is probably one of the most important things I learned. Learn to say NO and don't get used by others just you are too nice. I am a straightforward person but I really can't say no when someone is nice to me and this leads to so much time, effort, and money wastage. Stay away from such people. Toxic people can be very sweet looking. BEWARE.
And for the haters, your success is the best revenge.

11. Stop crying for temporary people. FOCUS ON YOURSELF.
    I won't sugarcoat it. You will meet fake people in your college life. You will get hurt, and I'm not talking about relationships. Friendships too. Just focus on your only goal of bettering yourself. Your real friends and your parents will always be there for you. Do not depend on anyone for your happiness. Be the reason for your happiness.

   Apart from everything else, the thing that matters most is the dream life you want. It can be your dream job or dream city visit anything. Remember don't let it be a dream man otherwise you will end up hurting your feelings by chasing someone.
Work real hard for these dreams and when you will see even a part of it getting fulfilled you will feel immense joy.
I would like to state my favorite statement from APJ ABDUL KALAM here :

13. Confidence is sexy. And, you're GORGEOUS.
    Be confident. Confident does not need you to be a super sexy diva or a very good speaker. Just be happy in your current self and accept yourself with your flaws. Don't let anyone put you down.

   HOME is literally the best place. I moved out a few weeks back and no one can tell you this better. Never underestimate home. It is heaven.

15. ME-TIME is important. 
   While being with everyone is fun, having some time for yourself can be equally fun. I love spending time with my journaling, drawing, listening to music or even just relaxing. It recharges me and helps me by making me feel more productive.
My perfect advice for you is to have a spa day for you. First have a list of things you need to do and if manage to complete your goal, reward yourself with a spa day. This is a super fun activity.

So, guys, these are the things I learned after spending 3 years( more like 2.5) in college. I was lucky my graduation college was in my hometown so I never had a real problem to face. I moved out of my city and I have been living alone for my PG college. It's been tough and I would share my experience in this series. Tell me how you like or relate to this. Comment down below. LOVE and stay happy and healthy.

Last Day of Our college Life <3